Had a trip up to Fountains Abbey near Ripon, North Yorkshire today. We’d been recommended a trip to see the deer being fed and to take a winter tour around the Abbey. As you can see from the pictures, the weather was cold and foggy, though the snow was thawing it was very slippery and we were advised to avoid certain parts.

The estate has 550 deer, of different varieties which are fed by the keepers during the winter. They throw food off the back of tractors near where people can view them much closer than we could normally do. After viewing that, we had some lunch at the lake end and then wandered back for the winter abbey tour at 1.30pm. This was excellent, but absolutely freezing by that time and we spent most of the tour walking around in freezing cold water which had just thawed.

However, even though it was freezing, the place is so gorgeous at all times of the year we had a cracking day!!


From a distance, didn’t want to get in the way of the food!!


Again, taken from a distance.


Managed to get a little closer here.


And here!!