After leaving the centre of Sheffield I was rather early for my meeting so I decided to park up outside Norton Church and have a wander into Graves Park. The first part of the walk should have been the Rare Breeds Centre but there didn’t seem any signs to indicate this, but there were a few cows!

Image 19

Image 17

I continued wandering down the path and came across a familiar sight, the pond (did there used to be boats in it?) and the view up the old cafe!!

Image 21

Image 20

At the cafe I noticed they’d created a new playground, with very nice gardens next to them. The cafe is now called the Rose Garden Cafe, but didn’t seem very open.

Image 13

Love the masses of Verbena – amazing for getting insects and bees into your garden!!

Image 14

I then saw a sign for an animal farm, and it turns out that this must be the replacement for the Rare Breeds Centre. Part of it was closed but there was a very cute Red Deer that came to say ‘hello’.

Image 16

On the way back up the hill there were lots of different breeds of sheep, but the vista looked over to the hills of the Peak District, a reminder of how lucky Sheffield is to be nestled so close to that gorgeous area of the country.

Image 18

Had to finish with a photo of Norton Church! Not surprisingly it hasn’t changed a bit!!

Image 15