Back in day I used to buy LPs then cassettes when needing mix tapes and portable Walkman music and then onto of course CDs before digital. However with the resurgence in vinyl I decided it was time to connect up the record player again. Not having a hifi set up, I wondered about streaming through the computer.

Using Audacity this was simple. Audacity is a free open source and cross platform piece of software for multi-track recording and editing.

In Linux I needed to use Audacity due to the audio driver being quite simple.

In Audacity the monitoring tool will play from the microphone (record player connects through jacks into a 3.5mm plug to the rear mic on my motherboard).

Then turn on the Software Playthrough option if the sound doesn’t come through on its own. This does stutter a bit though under load and so a hardware pass through is one thing to investigate.

Anyway, the task is way simpler in Windows and the Realtek setup sorted it once the mic volume was turned up.

Anyway, up and running now – yay!!