Blondie have been touring mostly festivals and outside venues this summer, and this was the first time I’d seen them outside. After a good evening racing the entire, very full, crowd stayed to watch a fantastic performance by Blondie. At 66, Debbie I’m sure is getting better and better and Debbie and Chris in particular looked to be much more animated than usual, having a great time. Clem as usual was mad but brilliant on the drums. One of the best performances I’ve seen from them!

I tried to take a little clip of video from each song on my phone but the microphone was too sensitive and it’s all distorted. I’m going to have a go at cleaning it up, but I took my proper camera and below are pictures taken throughout the evening, and a short video I took with the camera, the sound is OK on this.

The set list was as follows:

  • – Union City Blue (Eat to the Beat, 1979)
  • – Dreaming (Eat to the Beat, 1979)
  • – Atomic (Eat to the Beat, 1979)
  • – D-Day (Panic of Girls, 2011)
  • – Hanging on the Telephone (Parallel Lines, 1978)
  • – Call Me
  • – Love doesn’t Frighten Me (Panic of Girls, 2011)
  • – Maria (No Exit, 1999)
  • – The Tide is High (Autoamerican, 1980)
  • – What I Heard (Panic of Girls, 2011)
  • – Sunday Girl (Parallel Lines, 1979)
  • – Wipe off my Sweat (Panic of Girls, 2011)
  • – Twist (Panic of Girls, 2011 – bonus track)
  • – Mother (Panic of Girls, 2011)
  • – Rapture (Autoamerican, 1980)
  • – Fight for you right to Party (cover of Beastie Boys song)
  • – One Way or Another (Parallel Lines, 1978)
  • – Heart of Glass (Parallel Lines, 1978)


Excerpt of Rapture by Blondie