After visiting last year and really enjoying the day, we decided to go again this year. The weather wasn’t as nice (which actually was a bit of a relief being out in the open most of the day!)

The show gardens were once again very enjoyable and inspirational. It was good to see all the tall plants which attract insects, and hence provide pollination and bird attraction to the garden. We decided to buy quite a lot of these again, last year’s have done really well.

The Flower Marquee was bigger than last year, and although busy, made it a bit easier to make your way around. Again the children’s gardens from local Primary Schools were superb; the theme this year was Countries.

The BBC were filming there today so we saw Monty Don, Carol Klein and Joe Swift.

These are photos of the day. I think another visit beckons next year, with possibly a visit out of season to the actual manor and gardens in the autumn.