Today we tootled up above Totnes to visit firstly a Butterfly and Otter Sanctuary ( This was a very enjoyable visit. The butterflies come from various countries and are many were hatching from their chrysalis. Outside the otter sanctuary had a number of mostly rescued otters. There were some British ones whose cubs are then de-humanised so they can be released into the wild, and also some North American otters who again are released back into Canada mainly. This was great as we’d seen some of these in a sanctuary in Vancouver. Feeding time was very entertaining and the keeper was very enthusiastic about it. They can apparently get very rough though!

In the afternoon we went on a very windy journey to the Sharpham Vineyard. We had a wander about the vineyards and down to the River Dart and then a wine  and cheese tasting. We purchased a few bottles!

When we got back to Greenway, we popped down for another cream tea – ho hum, hard life!!

Butterfly and Otter SanctuaryButterfly and Otter SanctuaryButterfly and Otter Sanctuary