Earlier in the year I was given by my uncle his train set which he had when he was a boy, and Ian and me played with when we were boys. Unfortunately the track and layout was not fit but the locomotives and rolling stock was all fine.

On receiving the equipment, I immediately made an inventory of it using the superb Hornby/Triang system, of which there is lots of information on the internet for, and especially good servicing sheets.

There are three locomotives, and these are as follows:

My train Based on
4-6-2 "The Princess Royal" Logo Maroon Livery (R258)
Princess Class

Princess ClassClass: Princess Class
Type: Steam
Designer: Sir William Stanier
Weight: 159 tons
Purpose: Express Passenger

Diesel Pullman Motor Car Type 2 Blue Livery (R555)
Class 251 Blue Pullman

Class 251 Blue PullmanClass: Class 251 Blue Pullman
Type: Diesel Electric
Designer: Jack Howe – Design Consultant for B.R.
Weight: 67 tons (Power Car) – 299 tons (6 Car Set) – 364 tons (8 Car Set)
Purpose: Express Passenger

Class 3 Standard Tank 2-6-2, BR Green, 82004 (R59)WP_000369

Class 3 Standard Tank

Class 3 Standard TankClass: Class 3 Standard Tank
Type: Steam
Designer: Robert Riddles
Weight: 75 tons
Purpose: Mixed Traffic

The 351 tank and Pullman work great around the track I bought from the local model shop in Morley, but the Princess Royal is having a bit of difficulty. It managed to go round the track a couple of times this evening (for the first time!) but nothing once I’d stopped it to put the tender and carriage on. There seems to be a screw loose on it which hopefully a set of Hornby screws I’ve ordered should solve.

The next job is then the layout. One of my favourite films is Oh Mr Porter! (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0029335/) and this is based around a railway in Northern Ireland in the 1930s. There are some key pieces of scenery I’d like to add to my layout:

Buggleskelly Station

One Eyed Joe’s Mill, on the hill with a tunnel underneath going beneath the mill

Barney’s Bar in the village, with barrow for Harbottle


While investing this for a bit I found this excellent Youtube video on the actual location of Buggleskelly Station!