We’d been looking forward to this for weeks. A trip over to the East Riding to get on a 3 hour cruise to look at the colonies at RSPB Bempton Cliffs from below rather than above. The day was beautiful and clear with little wind so we were looking forward to a very pleasant and calm trip.

After stopping off at Mr Moo’s ice cream parlour we headed off to Bridlington and parked in the new park and ride which happily takes you into town on a road train!

The cruise started in the aforementioned calm manner with the Captain reporting that there are a few swells just heading around Flamborough headland. Unfortunately these swells weren’t isolated, or small, and they continued in a pretty consistent way for the rest of the trip. There was many a sick bag filled, fortunately not by me but I can’t say I’ve ever felt worse in my life! Not sure how I managed to get off the boat and walk without tippling into the sea. I’m sure, as of Sunday evening, the house is still going up and down.

Thankfully they cut the cruise short and turned back. It wasn’t all disaster though, I did see my favourite gannets swooping over the sea, puffins flying by and loads of guillemots and razorbills.

Anne felt perfectly OK on the journey and managed to take a few pictures!