Just got one of those rather snazzy solar chargers from Firebox.com (http://www.firebox.com/product/1796/FreeLoader-Solar-Charger) to keep my iPhone going over a camping weekend. The charger is actually a lot smaller than it looks in the picture which is good, and it is currently charging itself up from the USB port, much better than having to wait for it to fully charge from the sun (especially as it’s overcast and miserable this afternoon!!)

The charger came with loads of fittings, must be for loads of different phones, and the all important iPod and USB A and B fittings for most other things.

These are pictures of the solar panels closed and ready to take the charge. The closed idea is excellent as if you’re charging the phone up overnight you don’t really want the panels out in the open waiting to get damaged.

Seems a good buy, will have to see how long it takes to charge the iPhone once the batteries are full!!