The Freeloader took all yesterday afternoon to charge, so didn’t get around to testing anything! The Freeloader comes with loads of fittings so out came the Apple connector (which charges all iPods and iPhones except the Shuffle) to charge my iPhone. Plugged it in – nothing! Tried it in my iPod – started charging.

Not good I needed it for charging my iPhone in particular. So, went back to the Firebox site to see if I’d missed something – I had!!

If the item being charged is virtually full (my iPhone was at 96%) then the charge in the device is higher than the Freeloader and so will not charge. I will have to wait until later to see if it’ll start charging the iPhone once it’s reduced in battery . . . watch this space!!

BTW, just listening to a brilliant Prom on iPlayer – Delius and Elgar – perfect for an English summer (in theory – it’s chucking it down!!)