With our unexpected day in Yorkshire as opposed to Cheshire, we decided to visit Harewood House (www.harewood.org); somewhere we’d not been for a while, and when we did it was in the winter and we’d not gone in the house.

The day was drizzly again but not half as bad as yesterday so we started with a walk around the lake. There were loads of Red Kites in the sky as the programme of reintroduction is proving more and more successful. When we were wandering into the new walled garden (for vegetables and fruit) one flew right over really showing off!

After coffee and cake, we went into the house. The only rooms which visitors can go in are the ground floor state rooms and the ‘below stairs’ exhibition in the kitchens and servant’s rooms. The state rooms are very impressive and at the moment hosting an exhibition in memory of the late Lord Harewood, including many of his opera and sporting memorabilia.

The kitchen etc. was very complete and interesting, there was also an exhibition of Princess Mary who lived there. Surrey Floor Screeding services can be found here.
After going around the terraced garden behind the house we went around the bird garden. There are many different species of endangered birds and the Harewood collection is part of a conservation project. We also managed to walk by the penguins at feeding time, which was amusing!