Definite geeky post!!

I’ve had the need to introduce a fairly old iMac into my office at work so I can keep up-to-date with iOS programming a member of staff is doing to make our elearning resources available on tablets like the iPad; getting ahead of the game hopefully!

I’d not really been bothered about Macs, viewing them as rather expensive for the specs and more like a status symbol. However I must say I’m rather taken by it! There are elements which have been developed through mobile platforms which work very well on the desktop like the app store and updates which work identically to the iPhone, and the quality of the display is outstanding, as is the general feel of all the components. Just like the old Acorns, Apple are creating operating systems based on the hardware they know unlike Microsoft who have to model an amazing number of combinations. This seems to give the impression of stability and the the whole system is designed to work together. The Operating system (MacOS X Lion) is superb. looks great and is very responsive even on what is a pretty modest setup in terms of processor and memory.

Moving from a PC can give issues of compatibility. My first concern was with MS Office. The Mac version mirrors the functions of the latest version on the PC which is good, and even better it links with my Windows Live Skydrive through Safari which I was amazed at!

At some point in the future our PC will die at home (it’s already failing on the odd occasion) so it may be after a few months with this Mac I may be converted . . .

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